Yes Wiki ! (In Theory...)

Last week Bob asked us to write an article on Wikipedia. I was enthusiastic to write on this platform, real symbol of the web 2.0. Participate to this free, web-based, collaborative and multilingual encyclopedia was a way to get into this huge community of new thinkers. Nevertheless, be one of them was not so easy. To become a new thinker, a wiki-author, you need to be patient and to have talents in informatic.

First step :the inscription
You need to create a count, to find a pseudo, to find a password. Well, that's no so complicated. But after that the tool, the interface is not very easy to use. It's not very clear and not user-friendly.

Second step :write your article and the huge challenge of page setting
You can now write your article but, one more time, it is not so easy. To do the page setting you have to be experimented. When I wrote my article I needed to take my time…

Third step :publish your article
That step remains a mystery for me. When I clicked on "publish" my article disappear in Wikipedia's stratosphere. I stayed calm, looking everywhere where it went. But I didn't find it.


Thus my first experience on Wikipedia was not a success. Obviously my vision is biased so I will do another attempt before giving my ultimate conclusions.

Romain A.

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