Yallah underground

Yallah Underground ( trailer)


A documentary about the cultural underground scene in the Middle East.

Throughout the Middle East young artists start to emerge and develop new interesting projects in all different fields of culture (music, fashion, arts, etc). They challenge the differences between modern global youth culture and their traditional Arab culture and try to find a way to combine different values and ideas in a positive and constructive way. They not only have to struggle with certain conservative restrictions of their own society but also with prejudices and misinterpretations in the Western world, which leaves them often with a feeling of isolation and lack of outlet or opportunities.

The display of these young artists, their lives and their creative processes, including problems they have to face, is aimed to inspire other people, mainly young Arabs, to make them realize their own potential and the possible benefits of intercultural communication and cooperation. Our film will give these promising artists a platform to display their work and their ideas and by doing so change the perception of Western audiences of the Arab world as well as show Arab audiences that there is a constructive way how to express themselves and find their place in a globalized world without denying their own cultural heritage.


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