wisdom of crowds?

Last week I (nicolas) wrote my first article for Wikipedia. It’s been a nice experience.

First, because we always talk about the power of web 2.0 as a fantastic new tool to interact and to collaborate, as a way to make the collective intelligence happens, but now I’m a part of it, I’ve had my brick to the wall and I have a strange (nice) feeling… Everyone of us should walk the line and do it! Contribute !!

Then I realized that it’s not so easier to get our content accepted by moderators. I confess, I didn’t quote sources for the information I put online and in less than an hour, a message was sent to me inviting me to quote “reliable sources” about the subject I was talking about (the Web Squared).
Wikipedia robots even detected that the notion of Web Squared was mentioned as “just another vacuous buzzword” on another blog ! So my article will certainly be deleted, even if I modificated it again this morning, redefining the concept… Let’s wait and see!

In a way, it’s reassuring to see that we can’t write anything on this “open encyclopedia”. But who are the moderators ? And what are their criterions to allow or not an article to be published ?

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