Wikipedia Or Not

Today I finally managed to post something on Wikipedia.

Hallelujah brothers and sisters!

Last week I tried posting a new article but the week has passed and still no sign of it… Which is quite unlucky because the post was about my theatre group, the Improbable Compagnie. Oh well, whatever, the world will have to live without knowing us!

Anyhoo, I chose today to start all over again. As I realised that creating a new article on Wikipedia was quite difficult, I decided that I would edit an article. This is rather simple, all you have to do is click on a pre-existing article and add some information or some links to the page. Anybody can contribute to the world's most known encyclopedia. Now the only thing to figure out was:

What do I know that Wikipedia doesn't?

Existential question, right? I wondered… And then I chose to write about the CELSA. I checked the page on Wikipedia and noticed that there was an information missing! Yay! I therefore grabbed the opportunity and started working. The article was quite complete but there was nothing about the school's associations. As I am an active member of the social life of our Communication school, I had some interesting stuff to say. Now, when you visit the CELSA article you can read about the school's two students' associations (Pop'Com and Junior Commmunication).

Thanks to whom?

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