Thomas P S Rules

I. Be prepared

Always be protected, Avast is the shit, and it's free. Dont let viruses ruin your e-life.

II. I google, you google, we google, they google,

Know how to use it, because it is very functionnal, it's like a guide, a mentor in the cyber space.

III. Put your favorites on

I always have a toolbar of favorites websites like,, Windows live email, (in case of a strike), and one to my bank account. In one click, you can peacefully surf on the Internet, right from your bed.

IV. Equipment

You need more than a PC to go on the Internet. Make sure that you have all you need to share your life with people. SO here is my toolbox: a microphone, a camera, a webcam, and an mp3.

V. Do not open what you don't know

Very basic rule, but whatever you do and wherever you go, do not click everywhere and make sure that you know where everything comes from.

VI. Be creative

Choose your words carefully for your passwords

VII. Be open-minded

There are a lots of things you don't know on the Internet. So keep your eyes open because you'll never know what you will stumble upon.

VIII. Protect your privacy

Nothing stays buried for ever, especially when it happens on the Internet. So when you go on facebook or other social networks, be aware of how much of yourself you expose to a world.

IX. Teach what you know

It could be kids, it could be your grand parents, a lots of people don't know how to use the Internet. They are scared to do something wrong, to do something that cannot be undone. What you learn on the Internet, you got to pass it along.

X. Learn to live without it

The Internet is a great tool for communication. But do not be fooled, nothing can replace a real conversation, a real face to face, a real smile. Don't forget that there is a world out there.

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