The ultimate e-book

As I explained it in a previous post, books are omnipresent in my life. I cannot imagine leaving my house or going to bed without one.

But being faithful towards books in general does not mean I am faithful to one in particular. Actually, I am pretty flickle when it comes to read, I often start a book and never finish it. It frequently happens that I have three books underway, one for the subway (light in both senses of the term), one for my bed and one for school (boring!) or for my Memoire.

What if a tool could gather those three books in one, so I could choose which one to read over the course of my desire? Don’t look to far, here comes the e-reader!

I am still a bit reluctant to the object, but I have to admit it can be really handy : just as you bring your whole discography in your iPod, why not bringing your whole library in the e-book device? On top of portability and sufficiency, we can also add their readability even in the dark, thanks to their lighted screen.

But on the other hand, the battery of a real book will hardly ever let you down, whereas an e-reader’s one might. More over, I already spend hours in front of my laptop or TV screen everyday, I do not see myself with another screen in my life, as long as I can prevent it at least.

So far, I am still not convinced of the viability of the e-book, I am not saying I will never have one, (“Never say never” says the adage), but I do not see myself buying one anytime soon…

But for the sake of hypothesis, my prerogative would be the COOL-ER for its elegant, uncluttered design that reminds me of my lucky iPod.

For now, I have a book to finish!

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