Samuel's Rules

We don’t call it the Web for nothing. It can be useful, it may also be a bit confusing if you’re not careful enough.

So, stick to the following rules, and everything will be alright !

I. Focus !

You can always spend hours doing nothing on the Internet. So, if you want to go straight to the point, remember to focus on your goal, and stick to it !

II. It’s not personnalized, it’s just statistics and algorithms.

Beware, on the Internet you always leaving traces. So, there’s always be an advertissement that appeals specifically to you, like on Google, but don’t be fooled !

III. Don’t be a fool of ideals

It seems that you can do great things, that everything is possible : talking with your friends in India, learning a lot of stuff. But once again, don’t be fooled, nothing is as simple as that. Reality is much more complicater, and Internet, your computer, your keyboard IS reality.

IV. It IS a kind of society

Which means : be smart, learn fast the codes, the habits, the way of using the medium, or else you’ll be used by cleverer people.

V. What you show is what you are

Remember, the information you’re sharing on Facebook or others social networks is part of your identity. In fact, it is the only point of contact with the others web users. So remember, it IS what you are, at least for those who doesn’t know you n real.

VI. Sharing is NOT a good thing by itself

People always talk about sharing, well control is ok too. Sharing is good, but as it was written on the old temple of Apollo in Delphi : “meden agan” : moderation is a vertu. Share too much, and you’ll get lost.

VII. Wikipedia is OK. But book is better.

Yes. Sounds simple but it’s true, although you don’t necessarily have the time to read the whole book. But it’ll be more rewardful.

VII. Did you know that 80% of the web is porn stuff ?

Just to remind you of rule III. When you hear about transparency, democracy, opportunites, great. But try to think of the sunken part of the iceberg.

IX. New is not good

When you’re in front of soaps in the supermarket, would you buy the one you’re used to or the same product more expensive with a “new” printed on it ?

The old one, because you’re used to be fooled by these kind of advertising. Well, it’s the same on the Internet. Newer tools can be disturbing, and / or more demanding in term of technology / money. So, stick to the old one if you think it’s better. It will save you time and money.

X. Get out of this blog !

Because I’m sure you’ll do great stuff without losing time on the Internet. Remember that Internet can be a TOOL, and a TOOL is helping you at a certain moment, during a certain period. It’s not living by itself, you do not have be its slave. So, unless you want it to be more, you can use it to serve you, and not the opposite.

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