Romain S Rules

Bob ask us to find 10 rules to survive on the net, just like if we were on a desert island. So let's see :

1st commandment : Always be the first. You have to be an early-adopter and not a follower.

2nd commandment : Never give all your personnal information (the great threat of identity theft) otherwise you will share your identity, your adress and also your bank acount (and maybe your wife, who knows ?) with many people.

3rd commandment : Always check what is said and is shown about you, so always googlise you.

4th commandment : Never finish naked or drunk at a party (see the previous commandment).

5th commandment : Never become friend with your boss or with any higher-ups on Facebook except if you want te be fired few months later.

6th commandment : Always erase your tracks on a computer in order to hide your craziest fantasies.

7th commandment : Be present on social networks like Facebook, Netvibes, Twitter and so on. If it is not the case, you will be seen as a loser and you will neither follow new trends nor your friends' activities. Do you want to be a fringe element of society ?

8th commandment : On the other side, always remember that there is a life without internet. Don't spend all your nights on social networks otherwise you will become a "no life".

9th commandment : Never reply to the email of the Nigerian banker.

10th commandment : Internet is a jungle so if you want to survive on the web, don't use it, it's easier.

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