Pros And Cons

Never judge a book by its cover…
Our society is in constant evolution. Progress in new technologies brings us every day new possibilities in communication, socialising, networking, etc… We are definitely surrounded by change. So, must we accept and adopt every new offer? Or on, the contrary, refuse to let go of one habit by replacing it by a revolutionary one?

Visualise a book. What do you see? A cover, ok. A bookmark, sure. 100, 200 maybe 500 pages, why not. If your awareness in new technologies is not very sharp (which is the case of most of us humans), your first idea of a book won't be this one:


This is an Ebook. E stands for Electronic. The information contained in this object has been digitised. An Ebook is a sort of mobile library: it allows you to go everywhere and bring along all the texts you wish (up to 1000 books can be contained on one disk!). For example it can be useful for someone who works on a thesis, and needs to consult several texts at a time. It can also allow the access to texts that are no longer published.
However some people fear that this revolution will jeopardise the future of paper.
So, should we grasp this opportunity, or should we protect one of Humanity's most precious achievement?

To Ebook or not to Ebook?

That is the question…

Personally I can't say that I'll never own such a device. Actually, this sort of object attracts me. I'm not really what you could call a bookworm, but I appreciate discovering the work of my favorite authors (Ian McEwan, Bret Easton Ellis, Truman Capote to name a few). I'll plunge into a book no matter which support it is on: an Ebook or a traditional book. To me, what really matters is the words, the language. Stop me if I'm wrong, but the words are the same on an Ebook!

Books on paper may not be eternal but the legacy of an author is permanent.

Having said that, which Ebook attracts me the most? Right now on the market the competition is fierce. There's the Digital Reader 1000, the Iliad, the Sony Reader, the Amazon Kindle, etc…
As I am not yet an expert, I will simply base my decision on the esthetic aspect (I totally assume my superficial side… See, even Paris Hilton reads…). I choose the Amazon Kindle. I like its simple and neutral aspect, white and clear. Its characteristics remind me of an iPod. I believe the transition from a traditional book to an Amazon Kindle would be less radical, as I am already familiar with the iPod.

So, will you be part of the evolution… ?source

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