Nora's Rules for E-land

#1 : Bring the necessary tools

As if you were going on an expedition, you need to be prepared. Going on the internet requires you to speak a specific language, made of strange words, like "hyperlink", "wiki", "blog" or "rss"… To help you understand the online jargon, here is a useful dictionary, called Netlingo.

#2 : Safety First

Watch out, the World Wide Web is Wild… And some people take this opportunity to misbehave. So be careful who you talk to, and try to control the information that you release.

#3 : Keep yourself posted

Internet is the land of innovation. New things are constantly happening out there. So don't be afraid to break your own habits, and remember that three years ago, you didn't know what "facebook" was… (and now you spend 2 hours a day on it…)

#4 : Have team spirit

Remember that web 2.0 is collaborative…

#5 : Get lost, be surprised..

#6 : ..But erase you traces

#7 : Share things

#8 : Beware of MediaAddictions

Go out in the real world sometimes

#9 : Post comments on my blog !

Any ideas on the 10th rule ?

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