Lost In Wikipedia's Labyrinth

Wikipedia is supposed to be easy, simple and user friendly. Well, that's what I thought when I felt like posting an article. That was before trying. First challenge: to find the right page to contribute. Well, first, you have to create an account but that was very simple. Then, there is no link on the main page to write directly an article. I had to type the name of the article I wanted to write about in the search bar, and then, it offered me to write a sort of draft in a "sand box". I thought "ok, it's probably a sort of tutorial, and then I will post my article". I was wrong. Oh so wrong. I never managed to post my article.

Second try: french Wikipedia. Same thing: I had to write the name of the orchestra I wanted to talk about (The European Youth Opera by the way) in the search bar before I could post. There, a miracle happened. No sandbox, no tutorial, just my article and the possibility to post it on the famous "free encyclopedia". After more than two hours trying really hard, you can imagine how relieved I felt.

I was so proud I sent the link to a friend. A few days later, I realised my contribution had been deleted! Wikipedia wrecked all my efforts. And why? Because I wrote the article in english on french Wikipedia… If only I could have posted it on the english one!

So, if you want to try, I sincerely wish you good luck readers!

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