Liv S Rules

99 problems but the web ain't one !


If we consider the web as a jungle, I swear that the jungle fever it can provoke doesn't sound as good as the one Stevie Wonder was singing about !

So here is my top 10 of the things you need to know

before venturing into this virtual jungle that is the Internet

and if you want to survive in I-land…


This one's for the ladies…

Don't you ever send naked pictures of yourself !

Even if the addressee is your boyfriend, or your husband. Men are men, and they just can't be trusted ! Who knows what they'll do with these pictures the day you leave them for someone hotter and younger. Okay I'm kidding, but seriously, don't send emails with intimate pictures, because your email account could be hacked and God only knows where your pictures might end up !

This one's for the rookies…

Never click on a link that looks suspicious !
That's what I did on Facebook when one of my contacts sent me a video link, and that's also why my computer got a huge virus and my Facebook account is now disabled.


This one's for the lovers…

Stop trying to spy on your ex boyfriend/girlfriend by Googling his/her name !

You won't learn anything, it won't change the fact that this person is your ex and that trying desperately to use the new technologies to know what he or she is doing with his or her life is pathetic ! Be careful about that, it can get pretty addictive !


This one's for the haters…

Stop trying to find embarrassing peaces of information about people you hate !

We all did that once, maybe twice for the evil ones. But writing anonymous comments is even more pathetic than spying on your ex because it starts with bad intention.

This one's for the naive and paranoid people…

Don't believe everything said on Twitter, especially when it's about the death of a celebrity !

Two days ago, my best friend called me to announce me that rap singer Kanye West had just died !You must know that I love Kanye since the day I heard his first single All Falls Down, and that I saw him performing on stage several times, so you can imagine how shocking that information was to me. The first trending topic on Twitter was actually RIP Kanye West ! Thank God, it was just a stupid rumor, but my friend and I got so worried. Especially considering the disturbing video that Kanye had just posted on his blog the day before (what do you guys think about that by the way?). Anyway, love him no matter what !


This one's for the impatients…

Don't bother to create another Facebook account if yours has been disabled !
That's what I did, and it turned out to be nothing but a waste of time. I actually thought that my former account was doomed to stay disabled, so I created another one and took the time to add my friends and to tag some pictures. But three weeks later, the Facebbok Team finally dared to answer my emails and announced me that my account was had been reactivated !

This one's for the Facebook addicts…

Don't only count on Facebook to remind you your friends' birthday !

Last week was my Birthday, and as I didn't have a Facebook account at that moment, a lot of my friends forgot it, how sad ?! No facebook account, no B-Day ! So try to remember the exact date of your friends' birthdays without using Facebook because they might leave the network for a while and experience the same thing as me…


This one's also for the facebook addicts (they're everywhere!)…

Stop refreshing your profile page hoping that something is going to happen !

Do I really need to explain this ? Common, we do it all the time ! When you're home and borred, Facebook seems to be the thing which keeps you connected to the outside, and to your social life. But waiting for someone to come and talk to you on Facebook is as desperate as it is in real life !


This one's for the geeks…

Don't fantasize on people you met on networkings !

It is almost like the lottery: you never know what's coming ! It is easy to seem cool and handsome on photos, but harder in real life…


This one's for everybody

Check every piece of information you find on the Internet !

It is very important to know where the document you're reading comes from, if it was written by journalists or bloggers, professionals or amateurs. That's the danger with sites such as Wikipedia, very useful but that also have the tendency to simplify the information.

So like Jay-Z said it, you may have 99 problems, but the web ain't one now that you checked these 10 rules ! Well he didn't exactly said that but…Let's just say that with this top ten, you'll be the survivor that his wife Beyoncé was talking about !

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