Laetitia S Rules

Dear survivors, welcome to the Internet land. I am going to teach you 10 rules to survive on the I-Land.

1 - Get lost. The I-land is full of incredible resources. You need to explore it to find its wonderful treasures.

2 - However, the jungle is dense and vast. You have to get marks to be able to find what you need everyday to survive. You should use the tab "My favorites" for example.

3 - Before you venture in the I-land, you have to be well equiped. Download a good antivirus software to insure against the fierce creatures of the I-land.

4 - Speaking of creatures, be careful with who or what you can meet in the jungle. Nice-looking creatures might turn out to be dangerous. Only trust yourself and your instinct.

5 - Be careful with the ressources the I-land produces. You can reach incredible fruits but don't eat anything you find. You may actually not be allowed to eat those, they may be someone else's property.

6 - Socialize. The I-land inhabitants can be really helpful and nice. No one can survive all alone, you need connexions. You will be more than welcome to the Facebook or Twitter tribes.

7 - Watch the fire ! If it goes out, you will loose your stock. (Meaning watch the battery)

8 - Put your things in a safe place, to never loose it. (Save, order, save)

9 - Be up to date on what's hapenning on the I-land. It keeps changing all the times, so you need to be aware to survive.

10 - Don't forget to take some rest. Life on the I-land is fascinating but physically and mentally exhausting. Take a nap, disconnect.

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