Juliette S Rules

Take a walk on the wild side

Think of the web as a dangerous jungle. They are many spiders, snakes, the moist heat…you can wander during many days in this jungle, looking for a lost treasure or so…Think of yourself as Indiana Jones in this jungle. You're may be alone, but you are strong.

To keep your mental sanity, you have to be brave.

Here comes 10 rules I suggest you to follow :

1. Your best friend can be your ennemy. Trust nobody but yourself. It's so easy for anyone to change identity that you cannot be a 100% sure that you are talking with the person you think.

2. Thanks to rule number one, don't be afraid to change your own identity. It might seems a little weird, but you end up enjoying it. If you don't feel like giving your real name and adress for every website you visit, you can create fake mail adresses that would have one function : to gets all the newsletters and spams.

When I was an intern in a e-marketing company I had to do what is being called " viral marketing" : I had to post comments to encourage the dialogue between internauts. I also had to go on the pages that were taking about the company I worked for and post good comments about this, and namned the company in order to improve its natural classification by Google.

This wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't had the possibility to create as lany accounts on hotmail, gmail and others as possible !

3. Let your private life stay private. Don't tweet every six seconds about being dumped or having loosing two pounds. No-one cares. Let the your private pages be all about interestingaspects of your life, not just about your daily problems.

4. Don't be afraid to talk with people you don't know well. You might discover some interesting personnalities. Some people are so shy that they feel better talking on a screen. You can discover some wonderful persons thanks to a computer screen. Don't forget that.

5. Always save. All your datas. ALL. Your favorite movies, your favorite pictures…SAVE IT. A laptop only last a couple of years. You cannot avoid the sudden and mysterious death of the machine. Be careful.

6. Create the buzz. If you want people to talk about something that truely interests you, and you want to know a more general opinion about it, talk about it ! Post about it, tweet about it. In the end, you will have reactions.


7. Give yourself a break. You don't need to be always connected. Manage yourself a couple of days off per month. Don't be a netjunkie; proove yourself and to your friends, that you are not totally addicted. It would do you good, seriously.

8. Don't be intrusive. It's not because some people don't respect rule number 3 that you have to pay attention and scruit all the little details abour their private. If you wanna more about somebody, don't be afraid to talk directly to him/her.

9. Remember that internet is transparent. You cannot act or say anything on a forum because you think that the web is totally anonymous. An IP adress can easily be traced. Restrain yourself. The Jungle is wild but it has to stay a place of respect.

10.Follow you instinct. Don't be afraid to click, to visit, to test. You might regret it later.

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