Ines Rules

1. Do not make fun of your friends thanks to the web. Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter…there are thousands way for them to take revenge publicly. (x o x o…)

2. Choose the same password for the millions of networks and accounts you have on the internet . And if possible, not your birthday date (it is known by the 300 “friends” you have on Facebook).

3. Do not follow more than 2 soap operas each week or you’ll soon become a geek.

4. Do not think becoming a “geek” is cool or even funny. It is just a funny world to describe a no-life who spends his entire life in front of his screen.

5. Be synthetic : mails are not sent by pigeons but it’s not a reason to write a book.

6. Be patient : you could be the one to bug.

7. Try not to buy too many things on-line. When it comes to money, abstraction can have disastrous effects.

8. Do not believe you’ll find your charming prince on Meetic. You could be disappointed.

9. Do not steal virtual fournitures, clothes, or other stuff on the web because one day real policemen will come to arrest you.

10. Do not use the media, BE the media !

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