Guillaume S Rules

You do not exist and persist on the Internet without a few rules, a few principles guiding you through the dense jungle of the Internet and showing you the way to success.

I - Be present.

If we can't hear you every day, if we can't look at what you're doing, you won't last.

II - Create some content.

My second rule is very easy to understand, we cannot see what is not done ! You have to propose everyday a new discovery, a new analysis a new way to use existing tools.

III - Share

Once you've created your content, you've got to share it, if you don't, you don't exist. There are many, many ways to do it. I'm gonna explain you mine. Build a intelligent Netvibes, gathering the sites you prefer, it will be easier to surf. Subscribe to various sharing site
s, community sites, bookmarking, Digg like, blogging. And never forget to look for new concepts. Then, you are ready.

IV - Be interesting

Maybe the most difficult part.

V - Learn the language.

You have to learn the jargon. "OMG Noob ur CSS sucks." Speak the HTML, learn about pedobear and captain obvious, and never be afraid, they are from the Internet.

VI - It keeps changing, you cannot fight the tide.

You have to adapt your habits, take nothing for granted.

VII - Build a network.
On the Internet, as in life, you won't survive without good friends, it is one of the principle of the Internet, you have to be connected with people. Loneliness is vain.

VIII - Be a multi tasker.

You have many tools that permit you to do many things at one time, use them. don't waste ours on Facebook.

IX - All the glory to hypnotoad.


X - Never forget, you're not digitalised.

I really think that spending all you're life in front of your computer will kill you !

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