Damien S Rules

As you know, the Internet is an open space, a participatve and creative space on which everyone is exposed as soon as he publish something on it.

In order not to be manipulated, scammed or annoyed, you have to be aware that you cannot do whatever you want on the internet.

Protect your private life, have an intelligent use of the internet ! Impose yourself rules of use to survive in that jungle called Internet.

Do Not show how you lead your life on your blog…especially if you are young. Your blog is accessible by everyone, and many cases report adults proposing sex meetings to children. If you have the blog, be careful not to put photos of yourself in particular contexts…this is for your safety.

In counterpoint, you also have to exist on the internet…especially if you have a blog or a website. In order to exist, you have to be on every social network (Digg, http://http://scoopeo.com/Scoopeo, Fuzz, Diigo, Wikio, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Delicious and so on) in order to have better Google results and to beat as much people as possible at the Google Fight. So, it is simple…build a network, share what you read and what you write.

Internet is huge and awesome, you can find so many things…but under this massive flow of information, it is very difficult to find the one you look for, to organize into a hirarachy your results. There are many tools to do that and to manage those famous RSS Feeds. There is Netvibes, but also the Google Reader and many others. With those tools, you can control the flow of informations that comes to you.

Parents, be aware that you never know what your children are doing on the internet…protect them by using a parental control that forbids them to go an adult's website, online games etc. Control what they do. This French video shows how things can go :

If you use Facebook, take the time to think of the use you want to make of it. Is it a professional window or a personnal profiel ? Do you want to make it private or public ? To who do you want to show your life ? Choose your friends and choose the use you want to make of Facebook. Don't be friend with your boss if you post photos of you partying and being drunk, you can do that if you have a restricted circle of friends that can access to your page.

Be aware of change. Everything goes fast on the internet, so everyday you have to be able to adapt yourself to a new way of life.

But writing is not enough. If you write it doesn't mean you are going to be read…so write things that are interesting, things that people would find cool and funky to share.

Be polyvalent. You have to know how to create a nice and cool design for your website, your blog or your personnal page.

Organise events to stimulate the network. Attract people's attention.

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