Chloe S Rules

**I've been travelling through the web for almost 10 years, i've lost myself a hundred times, i've discovered so many things, i've been fascinated, scared, i've felt threatened,…

But I'm still alive !

Back from the jungle, i've decided to share my ten golden rules for I-Land (Internet Land) with you. How lucky you are !**

1. "Be aware" (sic. Jean Claude Van Damme)
Internet is the land of the New.

2. Just Google it !
Anyone, anything, anytime. You've just met someone ? Google her/him. You've read on Twitter Kanye West was dead and you don't know what to think about it ? Google it. You've just discovered a new talented artist ? Google her/him.

3. Stay connected with your friends - adopt Facebook.

4. Stay connected with the world - adopt Twitter.

5. Don't buy shoes on the internet.
It's so hard to choose the size that will perfectly fit you.

6. Don't post any compromising pictures of you or of your friends.
Because they might want to get their revenge.

7. Don't try to be stronger than the web.
You can't hide anything.

8. Try and anticipate what is going to happen.
…and become a trend-setter.

9. Share, share, share…
What's internet if not a huge community of people ?

10. … and Take, take, take.
Internet is also a great data base. You'll always find what you're looking for.

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