Big Nasty Wikipedia

When you first heard about Wikipédia, remember how fantastic you thaught it was.
A free, universal encylopedia in the shape of a wiki, that could be translated in any language. You no longer needed to go the schoool library and borrow a Universalis that weighed about two tons, the information was now just a clik away.

Time passed, and the concept was so pleasant to all the internauts all around the world that Wikipédia ended up being the internaut-leviathan, a unavoidable website like Google, or so. In a search engine, the first answer given to your request will probably be a wikipedia page. Millions of articles are now categorized in one the biggest online wiki.

That's what wikipedia would look like if it was an actual encylopedia.
wikipedia-book.jpg] SoWe can wonder what will be the future of wikipedia. IThe site has to admitt it's narrow-mindness concerning new articles and its disturbing subjectivity. If Wikipedia wants to stay the reference it is for many Internauts, it has to end its wiki status and work as a professional, traditional website. When many american universities are already claiming on posters "just say no to wikipedia" you know you need to break your habits…and go to the library searching the Universalis.

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