10 Rules To Survive

I. I always (try to) write in correct (academic ?) french, including the use of punctuation.

II. I erase my history each time I use someone else’s computer.

III. I post an answer on forums I signed on only if necessary.

IV. I bookmark every article, page or book page that seems interesting to me.

V. I try not to download too much.

VI. I ALWAYS keep my “Répliques” podcast updated.

VII. I never post any photo of myself.

VIII. I NEVER drink my “webshake” (podcasts of political philosophy conferences/Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes/mediology articles/ South Park episodes) before going to bed (it would make anyone sick).

IX. I never chat with more than two people in the same time.

X. I never use twice the same password for my web activities.

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